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Jamier Hughes Avatar

REI Solutions is an amazing company! Extremely helpful and Reliable! Such a great company. Highly recommend!!!

Jamier Hughes 10/07/2021
John Gardepe Avatar

The workspace REI Solutions created has been a huge help in the scaling of our business. The various apps, integrations, and available automations allow us to move quicker through the... read more

John Gardepe 9/10/2021
Homer Gonzalez Avatar

A complex modification for me on podio coding in globiflow was a made easy task for Damien at Rei Solutions! I love working with these guys because they are quick... read more

Homer Gonzalez 8/10/2021
Michael Heeter Avatar

Big shout out to Damien and REI Solutions! REI Solutions is very prompt and professional in working with their clients. Damien took time to assist me with problems stemming from... read more

Michael Heeter 7/16/2021
FCG LLC Avatar

Have nothing but great things to say about the team at REI Solutions. Was referred to them by another colleague in the industry when we were in need for a... read more

FCG LLC 7/16/2021
Sangamon Pocket Properties Avatar

Damien does an amazing job, is super efficient, and is really honest! Wish I had used him along time ago! She knows patio and additional apps that made our... read more

Sangamon Pocket Properties 7/13/2021
Sawyer Pace Avatar

They got everything set up very quickly and anytime there was an issue or something that needed to be tweaked they fixed it immediately.

Sawyer Pace 5/14/2021
Jose R. Lopez Ley Avatar

Damien is legit.Book a call. Explain your needs. Pay the man. Get systems you need in place. Happy to have connected with Damien and look forward to looping him in... read more

Jose R. Lopez Ley 5/14/2021
Mike Jackson Avatar

Damien at REI Solutions has created the simplest, most efficient Podio crm I have seen yet. His team has been able to quickly integrate all of our external platforms... read more

Mike Jackson 5/14/2021
Devin Carder Avatar

By far the best CRM to keep our team organized. With multiple lead generation sources and lead managers, information can quickly become disorganized. REI Solutions is fully customizable... read more

Devin Carder 2/27/2021
Michele B Avatar

Damien with REI Solutions is awesome!! He is SUPER responsive and extremely smart too. I have him saved in my contacts as “Podio Wizard” because he is!! He doesn’t outsource... read more

Michele B 2/04/2021
Langston Deal Avatar

Great experience Damien met all our needs. Damien was able to explain everything and we were clear on what we needed and how things would work for our company. Turn... read more

Langston Deal 2/03/2021
Gladys Serrano Avatar

Damien is great! Very helpful and professional. Got exactly what we wanted for our Podio system.Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Gladys Serrano 1/17/2021
Eddy Charger Avatar

Man oh man!! Working with REI Solutions have been a great treat. Custom made and built out to any changes needed by my business to keep up with our growth.... read more

Eddy Charger 1/03/2021
Diondre Person Avatar

Great system. The system has kept me organized and worried less about about keeping track of leads but closing.

Diondre Person 1/02/2021
Nikhil Sharma Avatar

Damien is the absolute GOAT 🔥His understanding and willingness to pour into you so you understand ins and outs of what he provides is second to none. God willing we... read more

Nikhil Sharma 1/02/2021
Ryan Felton Avatar

We have been using REI Solutions for a few weeks and have been impressed with their DealPro for Podio system. Damien and the rest of the REI Solutions team... read more

Ryan Felton 12/21/2020
Alex Ruane Avatar

Damien is amazing and the podio build out is beyond my expectations! Anything you want or need done for a great build this is the place to go! Thank you... read more

Alex Ruane 12/15/2020
Evan Greathouse Avatar

Damien at REI Solutions is awesome! This dude is the real deal. I have been using Podio with only my basic understanding of the capabilities for about a year and... read more

Evan Greathouse 12/04/2020
Gladys Serrano Avatar

They're awesome! More than happy with their hard work. Thank you for being so kind and helpful.

Gladys Serrano 11/07/2020
amy ukabam Avatar

In short AMAZING!! REI solutions is a great company, but the real MVP is the owner Damien! This guy looked at my existing Podio setup(TRASH), told me what i needed... read more

amy ukabam 10/19/2020
Kasey King Avatar

Damien at REI Solutions is the best in the business! I tinkered with Podio and other platforms for 3 years and finally decided to hire Damien after looking at tons... read more

Kasey King 10/16/2020
NP Estimates and Appraisals Avatar

Great, quick and efficient service

NP Estimates and Appraisals 10/14/2020
Jacob Johnson Avatar

Damien provided me with an excellent experience. I initially had my Podio developed over a year ago and some of tools implemented were outdated and out of sync. Damien fixed... read more

Jacob Johnson 10/09/2020
Fontella W Avatar

I had an incredible experience with Damien. I look for fast communication when choosing who to do business with and REI Solutions definitely exceeded my expectations. Communication was... read more

Fontella W 9/30/2020
Kha Tran Avatar

Damien has been amazing at working with us to optimize our Podio setup so that we can move leads through the sales process more efficiently and make sense of all... read more

Kha Tran 9/26/2020
Trystan Trenberth Avatar

Damien and REI Solutions continue to dominate the REI integration space with a simple User Experience for what is a complex and detailed set of automations which provide a seamless... read more

Trystan Trenberth 9/26/2020
Dominique Hughes Avatar

First and foremost Damien is a man of his word. Sign sealed and delivered. Lol. Great communicator and his level of service is about to take my Podio to the... read more

Dominique Hughes 9/19/2020
April Barr Avatar

Damien is an expert at what he does. He’s there when you need him and the greatest quality this company displays is TRUST & HONESTY. We are very happy with... read more

April Barr 9/10/2020
Brian Woods Avatar

Met Damien online recently and saw some of his work. I decided to hire him to create an integration with Podio & Batchleads. He set it up faster than I... read more

Brian Woods 9/06/2020

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