Are there any discounts available or is it always $150 ?

In comparison to other systems out there we are actually below average on cost.  A subscription based service is not for everyone and if the monthly fees are out of your scope right now we understand and certainly don't want to wreck your marketing budget to sign up! When you're ready we'll be here for you! If you are not CONSITENTLY closing deals each and every month this probably isn't the best fit for you right now!

Where do you get your Comps from?

We use Attom data for pulling property information and comps. We cover the cost of the data with your subscription as well...no extra fees to have real time comps in your workspace

Can you integrate with Prop Stream?

No. Propstream does not offer any way to integrate currently. As soon as they do we will be right there to make the set up for you though!

Do you include E-Signature Services?

We have the best deal on the market for E-Signing with our DocuSign partnership plan. Sign up now to get your savings! DocuSign 

What if I want to add some buttons or text fields to my Deal Pro set up?

No problem at all...actually it's pretty common for our subscribers to request different button names or adding/ removing fields. Most of these updates are done at no charge to you. We want you to succeed and you can't do that if you're CRM is not set up just the way YOU want it to be!

Is there any tech support or are we just supposed to hope it all works?

We have some of the best support in the industry and will usually respond within an hour when requests are made via the ticket submission on your workspace and during normal operating hours. 

We like Zillow and would rather use that for comps, why don’t you integrate with them like everyone else?

Great question. Zillow recently did away with their API access for their data and transferred ownership to Bridge Interactive. Anyone that had an old API can still access their API until it is turned off but any new clients would need to be approved by Bridge and that process to use with a system like Deal Pro or any other CRM is a violation of their terms of use.

Can I send emails from my own Domain?

In order to send from your own domain you will need to subscribe to Globimail. This also allows for further customizations of your emails and the ability to send out templated Letters of Intent etc

Why do I have to pay for other users on my account?

We get this one a lot. Your subscription plan comes with access for one user and the system itself. This includes support, updates, and a lot of FREE tweaks to make the workspace more tailored to your business. 

The additional user charges are licensing fees that must be paid to Podio in order to operate a system like this and are not negotiable or discountable in any way. 

Do you do integrations with Investor Carrot?

Yes, we can integrate your Carrot, WordPress,or Wix websites without an added Zapier subscription.

What if I want to use SmrtPhone instead of Callrail?

No problem, we are Partners with SmrtPhone and can get you a great rate on your phone numbers with them!

Do you offer anything besides Deal Pro?

We have retainer plans as well for custom build clients. Email us to schedule a time to discuss your build. Our hourly rate is $70/ hour. If you want something cheaper please seek services elsewhere as we are non-negotiable on the value of our time and yours

Still have questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our Deal Pro package, custom integrations and scripting.